Ras Kisimani Eco Lodge

mafia viewpoints2

Birds eye view southeastern tip, 4 beachfront accomodations to be erected at first near survey beacon ZF 502. From here we start further development.


Artist impression of our planned accomodations



Proposed dine-and-relax area


Kitchen area


Design and measurements Tented Banda’s


From may 2013 we have been busy putting up a small non-permanent Base Camp on our plot. At this moment on we are busy to:

– design our Permaculture Food Forest and Farm,
– make a nursery for our to be planted Food Forest,
– plant various vegetables on 2 acres for our staff,
– build 3 raised mangrove wooden Banda’s to form more convenient accomodation,
– clear our boundaries,
– clean the area of plastic bottles and thousands of washed ashore flip-flop slippers.

All with respect to any excisting usable vegetation.

We invite you to press the following link for a view of our Camp:


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