Eventhough we are in the early stage of our project, we would happily like to invite WWOOFERS ( Willing Workers On Organic Farms ) on our site! If you don’t mind to work and learn in a basic but organic environment please go to our “WOOF Tanzania” page and register at:


Or go to our “WWOOF independents Africa” page and register at:


When you have your membership number please fill in this form and email to us:

RK WWOOFing application form

When you have decided to stay with us please consider to take the items with you on this list:

Things to take to RK

As for travelling to Mafia Island from Zanzibar/Dar es Salaam here is some useful information:

Travel to Mafia Island

Please be sure, when you are in Dar es Salaam, to use official taxi’s or Mini Buses. Here is an interesting article:


Karibu sana!

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4 thoughts on “WWOOFING

  1. Hello,
    I am interested in doing some volunteering with two other friends. At the moment we are staying at Makadi beach lodge near by Dar es salaam. Our plan is coming over to Mafia the day after tomorrow and and staying for a week or two if it is possible. Please let us know as soon as possible if you need any volunteers.

    My contact number: 0764031748

    Cheers, mel

    • Hi Melanie,
      This is all on very short notice! I have asked our project manager on site, Tichafa Makovere, to see if there are any possibilities and to contact you. If this is all settled i would like to ask you urgently to fill in our wwoof application form, send that to raskisimani@gmail.com and become a member of wwooftanzania.


      Rick Bronkhorst
      ras Kisimani Ltd

  2. Hi,
    we just now registered at the Wwoofing site and as soon as we have our registration number we will enter our request. We would very much like to help you for 1,5/2 weeks in December 2018-January 2019. I hope this is possible.

    Bye! Wendy & Timothy

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