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What is Permaculture, and what does it mean to Coastal Tropic Areas?

Permaculture is about community living, building healthy environments, producing fresh local food, minimising use of harmful chemicals, maximising natural energies, ensuring clean air, water and soil, building or conserving bio-diversity, and meeting our needs with natural solutions.

Modern Farming depends on Fossil Fuels. Fossil Fuels are used for Fertiliser, Farming Machines, Pumps, Electricity, Factories, Plastic Packaging, Advertising and transporting the food.
Fossil Fuel is not an unlimited resource. One day, there will be none left. Fossil fuel is actually valuable for many modern medicines and need not be squandered on farming when other methods are easier on the environment and people.The use of Fossil Fuels is accelerating global warming.

Global warming is particularly relevant to people in the tropics. Many people live in coastal areas. The predicted sea level increase will leave many people homeless. Already the increase of Hurricanes, Tsunamis and sea changes have made islands unsafe for people. Already people have died and suffered as the result of widespread floodings.

Even affluent nations are concerned about the use of artificial fertilisers and farming practices. Some nations such as Singapore can afford to exclude suppliers that do not meet their basic standards. Many affluent societies have researched and scientifically recognised the link between chemicals and cancer, they can afford to instigate change and they do demand it.
From Paul Harrison: “The Third Revolution: Population, Environment and a Sustainable World”. Winner of a 1992 Population Institute Global Media Award.

A publication from Bill Mollison on Permaculture on Tropical Islands:

Permaculture on Low Islands ( Pdf )

Zaytuna Farm, our example and about the same acreage as PRI-Kisimani Farm:

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