Site History

This is a situation of one of the 12th century mosque ruins ( mosque III ) situated on our plot, as documented by mr. Neville Chittick in the early 1960’s. His complete document about Kisimani Mafia can be read in the section Reports and Publications.
The Mihrab ( top of drawing ) is still existing:

Ras Kisimani Mosque 2

The Mihrab ( 1960’s and present ):

Mihrab mosque I

Mosque III is drawn wrong in this sketch map from Neville Chittick, this was mosque I. This building is washed into the ocean due to constant erosion. Part of Mosque III, the Mihrab, is still present.

Sketch map Kisimani Mafia

And this is an image of how the mosque supposedly looked like. Later on, with permission from the authorities/community, we would like to restore it:

mosque III

This mosque was not documented in Neville Chittick’s document:


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