12 thoughts on “Aurelié, Emma and Tyler

  1. hi there,i’m Paolo Agolini, very courious about your project in Tanzania..i’m actually on the way to create something similar in watamu Kenya…a space of about 60 acres plot,ehere can be rapresented and illustrated to visitors,many of the eco-sustainable activities,as Eco tourism,Bio gardening,Permaculture,sustainable fishing,Reforestation.
    Almost all my life,i’ve been interested to Reforestation here in Tuscany Italy(Up to now i did place on earth more than 8000 trees..)I run a naturist Eco farm from more than 20 years. My website http://www.terranera,it
    I plane to fly to Kenya early January and would be more than happy to visit you there in Raskisimani.
    Would love to get in touch with you and have quality chat about..

    • Hi Paolo,
      Nice to hear from you, and nice that we share interests! Ofcorse I would like to have a chat with you, but for myselve I live in the Netherlands and do not plan to be on site in that time.
      The reforestation that you mention looks very interesting to me. You are right we do need to chat and that will come in time!
      Lets keep in touch,
      Greetings, Rick Bronkhorst

      • Hi Rick,thanks a lot for your reply and surely i’d be more than happy to chat with you about reforestation and anything else concerning eco project in East Africa..
        However,i have a question…Are you part of the team–Ras Kisimani Eco lodge??
        You say that you live in the Netherlands..are you somehow collaborate with that project in Mafia Island??
        Anyhow,i thank you again for your contact and i’m looking forward of your reply..i’m Always available to share with you also about my project in Watamu Kenya…it’s a project not yet born,but i’m very pragmatic person and i know that it will blossom shortly…
        where are you living in Holland?I have very good friends there..in Harleem and Amsterdam..
        Have nice evening ciao Paolo

      • Hi Rick, Have you got my previous mail? I hope so! However,as i told you,i’m goin to Kenya the 11th January to start with my Eco Project. Once i’m there,i would love to visit your project in Mafia Island..you will be there? Hope to hear from you soon,ciao Paolo

      • Hi Paolo,

        I am not based at RK, i live in the Netherlands, but Tichafa Makovere our project manager is. Unfortunately he is on his christmas break till the 13th of januari, so your visiting of RK will be a problem.
        At this moment we are at the early stages of our project so not many people around! I guess your visit to our site has to be postponed to the end of next year. At that time i hope to be present myself so we can meet and discuss whatever comes in mind.
        Until that time you have to do with email or skype.

        Greetings, Rick

  2. thanks
    my civil is mwanza some of them is musoma
    but me am in dar es salaam
    but I have some teacher you can ask them for my experience
    I have completed 4 Permaculture course from different teacher.
    such as Geoff Lawton,warren brush,Bernard who is coming soon.Greg from edge 5,
    and more practice I have done with work!
    by the way this is my phone number 0712034690

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