Is it a house, is it a Mosque?

2014-11-13 09.19.55

This ancient building is located about 500 meters inland on the east borderline of our farm. We are trying to find out whether it is a Mosque or some sort of residence for a whealtier person. This is one of the best remained buildings on RK

2014-11-13 09.17.57

When you take a closer look at the picture below even old wooden framework can be found ( left on pic behind bush ) This could mean that this building was still inhabited maybe in the early 1900’s

2014-11-13 09.17.54

Raised Beds research

RK raised beds 2

RK raised beds

As we have sandy soil on RK you can imagine that the water needed for our plants goes straight down. To halt this Tichafa has made various types of raised beds to determine which type is best. So under our mulch we put 1. nothing, 2. two types of plastic sheets, 3. cardboard. Permaculture Research!
In the coming weeks we hope to install a Bucket Drip Irrigation System from Chapin Livin Waters.

New Google Earth images from RK

RK overview 18-06-2014

On the 18th of June 2014 new satellite images have been made of RK. On this image you can see our base from which we operate and the maize fields intercropped with several vegetables and nitrogen fixing plants like cow-peas. On the right we have made a small road by widening an excisting path to enclose our premises.
The yellow lines show the proposed area’s for the eco lodge and farm area.
Left next to the yellow borderline on the right shows a brownish area. This section has just been cleaned of weed bushes, leaving all valuable domestic vegetation like monkey fruit, almond, coconut and mango. After that nitrogen fixers will be planted, combined with various other fruit and nut trees.